Friday, September 20, 2019

Our last grand building...

Yesterday we visited Arundel Castle. This is Castle is owned by the Duke of Norfolk who is the premier duke in the peerage of England. He is also the Earl of Arundel. I think the most immaculate of all the castles we have visited. Lots of highly polished floors and furniture. 

Some glimpses of the Castle and splendid gardens. 

Inside everything was super sumptuous. 
The grand hall. Two of these huge fire places. Each complete with a Lion skin rug. Eeeek, didn’t like that decorating touch! 

The dining room which is apparently seldom used as it is haunted. 

The drawing room , check out those lamp bases! Talk about sturdy. 

The Castle once accommodated Victoria and Albert when they fancied a few days in the country.

The library which houses 10,000 books was also specially decorated for her visit. A splendid room with lots of cosy nooks for reading. 

Their were lots of very knowledgeable guides around who were happy to chatter. They also had a number of golf carts that you could 
hitch a ride on if you felt like a break from walking. A service which we availed ourselves of when it was time to leave. our last big outing in England. Where we staying in Hayward’s Heath it’s very easy to catch trains to lots of destinations. 
We spotted yesterday that we could go direct to Cambridge. Tempting yes, but we think a quiet day sorting our bags is required before we wing 
back to New Zealand tomorrow. 


  1. How wonderful to get a glimpse on how the rich and famous live! Coming home time already? Don't the weeks fly by.

  2. Great views there. Things are warming up at home . Safe journey back.

  3. What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing your holiday photos. I've enjoyed them

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