Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy, happy, happy…

…that Sweet Peas Happy Block quilt is completed. It’s so pretty, bright and cherry.

happy blocks on angleIMG_0368

I framed each picture with a simple leaf and loop design, then popped on into the picture to put in a few lines of texture.

Happy blocks

The ladies excelled themselves finding some superb picture fabrics:

Five happy blocks

Did you spot the Magic Binding?

I used Soft and Bright batting with pink Minkie. The quilt has turned out plush and soft.

happy block quilt backPicMonkey Collage

Thanks to Mary for putting up the directions for Happy Blocks on her site. This certainly is the ideal pattern for a group project.

HBlock blowing in breezeIMG_0356


  1. No wonder, you're happy - the quilt is beautiful! So fresh colours and delicat quilting.

  2. It's adorable and definitely Happy! Nice job, Sweet Peas!

    I love the knitting sheep fabric - very cute.

  3. Love the quilt!! I keep seeing the shot of the one sheep knitting a sweater on the other and I laugh every time.
    Now, teach me, oh wise one, what is Magic Binding? :-D
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  4. great fussy cutting here a beauty

  5. Love the leaf quilting in the sashings and the knitting sheep fabric! Very happy! Well done right down to the magic binding!

  6. Ohhh-- it's so colorful, it makes me happy!! Thanks for showing it!

  7. Absolutely lovely Ladies . You've done a great job . I am completely in love with all that colour and the backing is going to be so warm and snuggly!

  8. So bright happy and colourful
    I love it


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