Monday, September 16, 2019

Visiting the Isle of Wight

On Saturday we visited the Isle of Wight. We had the most superb weather for the day. Picture perfect. 
The ferry we took was the poshest ferry I have ever been on. It sat so high out of the water , I wondered how it would be is the sea was rough.A lady I was chatting to told me it is the most expensive passage across water in all of England. I took this picture through the big wrap around windows in the lounge so it has some reflection in it but I wanted you to see the yachts. So many! I have never seen so many yachts. As far as the eye could see there were yachts out on the water. Of course we were near to Cowes which is the sailing capital of England. 

A leisurely lunch by a Marina was first on our agenda. More yachts. 

After lunch we set of for Osborne House

What a grand house

So many huge old trees. I loved looking through this tree up to the house

Inside was just as we expected. Chocka block full of totally over the top Victoriana. I thought this clock really said it all. So much fussy ornamentation but only a tiny clock face. 

And look at the detail on this huge vase.

Apparently Victoria and Albert liked to buy each other extravagant Birthday presents. I think there must have been a bit of one upmanship going on. 

This is a glimpse of the decoration in the main stair well.

One room I particularly wanted to see was the Durbar room which was talked about in the movie Victoria and Abdul.This is it in all its splendour. 

The terrace gardens are magnificent. I could imagine Victoria taking here early morning stroll out there. The colours in the garden were so vibrant. Very regal I thought with purple, gold and a touch of red. My kind of garden. 

The view from the terrace is breathtaking. Albert knew what he was about when he selected this location for a holiday home. 

The grounds are huge and immaculately kept. It would be a wonderful location for a picnic. It wasn’t at all busy with people, it would be so easy to find a nice tranquil spot to relax and enjoy. 

No trip to Osborne house would be completely without a visit to the Swiss Cottage. 

The garden beds in front of the cottage were where the children learnt how to grow vegetables. The same garden beds are still there today, all immaculately planted. 

Our trip to the Isle of Wight was, I think, one of the highlights of our holiday. 


  1. Wow, that vase, the decorations, what a wonderful trip to see all this.Hope the toes and soles are still all OK.

  2. A gorgeous house and grounds - love the magnificent view.

  3. Wow, over the top Victoriana! What an amazing place to visit.


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