Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Swinging Sixties

Yesterday we went to the Victoria and Albert museum to see the Mary Quant exhibition.

 Back in the 60s we thought her new look mod clothes were just the business. 

My eldest sister Wendy made me red mini skirt and jerkin out of red needle cord. This is the look I wanted.I thought I was the bees knees!

Mary was innovative in her ideas of how clothes could be constructed 

We admired this look from afar in New Zealand. I would have loved some of these shiny clothes but they didn't reach our shores.

Mary is also credited with making the mini skirt popular. 

As always the V&A put on a marvellous show. Apparently they put out a call for people to lend clothes for the exhibition. It's became obvious that women just loved their Mary Quant clothes as they had kept hold of them. Some even had the paper work that dated and priced the clothes. Amazing. I can't imagine keeping a piece of clothing that long. 
Some people even told stories of how they had kept their best Mary Quant dress and that their daughters in turn wore them. That's a great testimony to the power of good design. 

A super show, well worth a look. 


  1. Definitely a blast from the past. The shiny clothing didn't make it to rural Wyoming, either.

  2. I didn't have anything shiny, but definitely mini. And that was when pantyhose had just started to come in, away with stockings and suspenders. What a great idea to ask for people to lend items, a great exhibition.

  3. That would be fabulous to see, you're certainly experiencing lots of exhibitions on your travels


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