Friday, September 06, 2019

The challenges of travel....

....of travel. Especially for those of us who are height challenged. When we arrived in Bath we had an elaborate set of instructions about how to get into our apartments. First we had to use a code to get into a foyer. There we were to look for a “key box” which for some inexplicable reason was way up the wall. We had unit 9 which just happened to be right at the top of the key box. The foyer was very poorly lit. Never mind Kiwi ingenuity to the fore, a suitcase to stand on and the torch on my cell phone did the trick. 

Oh the fun! 


  1. LOL, very resourceful! I can only imagine the laughter this memory will trigger.

  2. Lots of things in our home here are high up too, Maybe that key box is so high to deter young children to try and play with it.Something quite new to me, enjoy the mysteries of overseas gadgets!!

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