Monday, September 09, 2019

No trip to London would be complete...

....without a bit of pomp and ceremony. 

We decided to walk to the action 
So leaving our favourite land marks behind 

we headed up The Mall and into Horseguards Parade.
As we arrived in Horseguards we could hear horses and next moment they were right beside us. 
The old guard returns.

The new guard awaits.

We continued up Horseguards to Birdcage walk and along to Wellington Barracks. 
Here come the soldiers 

Time for much foot stamping, shouting, marching about and of course lengthy uniform inspection. 

Then the band arrived for warm up practise. 

They played a traditional piece of music and then the theme to Star Wars. 

There they go off to the Palace..

All very grand. 


  1. How wonderful, and so terribly British!

  2. to be there must be so wonderful, I have seen a video of the whole event, and it is outstanding. How are your feet?

  3. Wonderful photos. I'm surprised there weren't masses of spectators.


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