Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Chester’s Charms

Chester is another place I first visited 30 years ago. It was charming then and it still is now.

The two stores buildings along this street have shopping on the first and second floors.

There’s a covered walk way called a “row” running along the front of the shops on the second level. 

Even our Hotel has the Chester look

We are right beside the town clock which was installed to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. 

No trip to Chester would complete without a stroll along the Roman wall. It is so amazing to be walking on top of a structure that was built so long ago. 
Lovely little glimpses through the trees. This scene looked picture perfect with the colour on the boat and the nearby by trees matching.

After walking for some time this pub beckoned us in. Spot the Roman ruins on the lawn.

A quick half of Guinness was just the ticket to set us up for further walking. Doesn’t Peggy look happy? 

We visited the Cathedral 

In chatting to a guide I found out that there was going to be an Evensong service. She said it would be very quiet about 25/30people attending and the choir would be singing. We could, if we attended, sit right up by the choir stalls. So that’s what we did. I snapped this photo of clergy and choir arriving before I saw the no photos, no recording sign. Ooops. 

The service was very old school. No modern prayer books here! It was exactly as I remember Evensong many years ago. The singing was just beautiful. 
Well worth attending. 
It was hard to leave Chester but there is so much more to do......

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  1. Evensong service, maybe the highlight of Chester.Those old buildings, they stand testimony to all who designed and lent a hand or two in building them.


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