Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Now that we are in Epsom...

......we thought we would make the most of being near Hampton Court. So off we went for a visit. 

We're so lucky to be visiting at a quiet time. 
Inside Base Court 

We gathered with other people under the splendid clock tower 

Where we meet up with these two Courtisans who were preparing for a visit from the Queen - that would be QEI. 

They took us for an entertaining talk and tour. It was very well done with a very clever script. 

The weather had turned very chilly. We went on to visit the huge Palace kitchen which in its day made up to 1200 meals a day! It was very cold in there. It must have been a horrid place to work in winter. This sign says that people couldn't work naked. I wondered who on earth would want to!

We were very happy to find this fire going in the main kitchen we stayed awhile by it to warm up a little. 

If you are ever close to Hampton Court do visit. Out of the hustle bustle of central London, right by the Thames, it's a pleasant place to visit. 


  1. The architecture is beautiful and the history intriguing. My goodness, the woman could easily smuggle someone into the building under her skirt!

  2. I enjoyed visiting there. You didn't mention the lovely ( when I was there ) gardens.
    Wasn't that fire place amazingly huge.


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