Friday, September 06, 2019

Kaffe in Bath..

The exhibition we went to was this

You may like to read the story behind the exhibition. It was so nice to go into this exhibition because as well as all the glorious colour they played lovely classical music quietly in the back ground. 

With out further ado, some photos.

This was my very favourite, displayed in a room with walls painted dark purple this quilt glowed. 


The old - this is the back of an old quilt
This is Kaffe’s version



Isn’t this old one amazing? 

More Kaffe

Loved loved this exhibition. 


  1. I missed this post earlier, that hand stitching, and maybe with a hand turned machine too all those years ago .

  2. Oh thanks so much for showing us these pics!! I've always loved how Kaffe has the galleries showing his work paint the walls in his choice of colour to showcase his quilts.

  3. Wouldn't it be fabulous if his galleries came to NZ. You are having a wonderful trip by the looks of things.


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