Friday, September 06, 2019

Beautiful Bath....

I first visited Bath four years ago. That time I visited the Roman Baths and did all the must sees in the city centre. This time I had another focus. We headed out of the centre of the city to The American Museum. I know that sounds crazy but I had read that there was a quilt exhibition on there. 

But first let me show you the grand building and gardens

This is the building that the exhibition was in
Entry to the exhibition was through shop area which was full of Kaffe goodies. 

So much colour! 

Check out this hat - only £330! 

I know, I know you want to see the quilts. I’ll do a seperate Post for that as my iPad is not up to sending loads of photos. 

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  1. The hat is interesting: I bet it would be heavy to wear for very long!


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