Sunday, September 01, 2019

A quaint shop in Eccleshall...

We are  back in the charming little village of Eccleshall. Our third visit here but we are enchanted as always. A new book shop has taken some space in our favourite coffee shop. Quirky and different it has only just opened. I think the signage and arrangement of books is very inviting. 

Did you spot the old books stacked on top of the shelves? 

Look at the bunting using folded  book pages......

If you buy a book this is how it is wrapped. No nasty plastic bags here..

It’s so nice to be back. This is a place I will never get tired of visiting. 


  1. The name is so inviting, and a book wrapped up so beautifully in paper with their own signature stamp, that is something to delight in.

  2. I could spend a lot of time there, browsing to find the perfect book. Love the packaging!

  3. My sort of book shop, just like the good old days!


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