Sunday, September 08, 2019

A little side trip

Between Chester and Bath we took time to train ride out to Rhyl on the coast of Wales. 
This was a sentimental journey as this was a town my late husband had strong connections with. It is known as a holiday town. 

It seems Rhyl's claim to fame now is the wind farm out to sea and the theatre 

It was a strange feeling walking those streets that Glynn must gave walked many times. Seeing the exact same scenes. For awhile Glynn's Aunt owned a guest house there. It is a short walk from the train, which I imagine would have been good for trade back in the day. 
 The photo on the left was one Glynn took 30 years ago. At that stage the house had been refurbished and split into flats. Sadly it is now in a state of disrepair.

The beach is nice and sandy. Can you see the wind generators way out in the sea? 

I liked the view along the beach to the hills 

The last Summer Bank holiday had passed so all the seafront was shut down and quiet.. Probably a time of year that makes locals in some ways sad but glad to reclaim their own space. 

I found this old-fashioned ice crean sign. I bit of old fashioned sea side humour. Not quite sure if it would encourage me to indulge!

You know you are in Wales when you see signs like this.
I think it must be so difficult to learn Welsh.

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  1. A wind farm out at sea? That would take some serious engineering, as I know what was involved for the one near here. Enjoy the memories.


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