Friday, August 30, 2019

Bridlington by the sea

We arrived in Bridlington this morning. 
The Bridlington Railway Station is very pretty and well maintained. Someone must be kept very busy attending to all the flowers.

We are staying in a funny old fashioned guest house. In a flight of fancy by the owners it is called a “hotel”. The funny thing is our hosts are conspicuous by their absence. Seems they would rather be anywhere else but here attending to their guests. 

We managed to drop our bags off at the “hotel” early and head for the beach. We were pleased to see the sea and a nice proper sandy beach.

 When I first looked  down at the beach I thought there was dreadful litter everywhere but what I thought was litter turned out to be large smooth white stones.I could imagine a few locals lugging some of these home for their gardens.The stones are very large, I would imagine the big ones would weigh 2/3 kilos

 Not many people on the beach in spite of it still being holiday time. A few stoical brave bodies, this couple had their own wind barrier.

The promenade is wide, nicely paved with lots of seating. Plenty of room for walkers, cyclists and scooters to use. 

The white cliffs in the distance looking like Yorkshire’s answer to the white cliffs of Dover.

And here comes the Land Train

We thought we would catch the train and ride along the seaside. We were told to purchase tickets from the driver. We dutifully joined the queue. Waited and waited, the train arrived, people got off and before you could blink everybody started jumping on board. I made my way along to the driver and asked to buy a ticket, he said “take a seat I’ll come to you”. Oh dear, too late,train full! Sigh. 

So we missed the train and then discovered that calling a taxi in this part of the world is a major mission! No Uber here folks. Locals look at you totally askance if you ask about Uber. Obviously it will be awhile before such high technology reaches this part of Yorkshire!

So it was Walking R Us . We walked and walked, Peggy tells me we did 16000 steps. 

We’re glad we made it to this part of the world. 

Staffordshire next...... 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

To the harbour we go...

Down to the inner harbour we went. A trip to Whitby would not be complete without a visit to the Captain Cook Museum. We arrived early and were surprised to be the only ones walking around the building. 

From the museum we had a great view across the harbour or perhaps I should say dock, to where the Endeavour replica is moored. It’s hard to imagine that such a tiny boat sailed so far with 95 crew on board! 

The museum houses a super curation of all things from personal letters with the most beautiful hand writing to exhibits of botanical drawings, navigation equipment and lots of artefacts. Silly me I was so busy looking I didn’t take any photos! One more photo of the Endeavour 

We were told that if we went over this bridge we would find a plethora of quaint little shops. We did found this sign on the bridge a bit daunting but felt it would take our weight!

...and yes we found the quaint shops. I never cease to be amazed at how English shopkeepers conduct their businesses in such tiny shops. Not an inch of space is wasted. 
Narrow lanes....

Interesting times when their are pedestrians, cars and service vehicles all trying to make their way. 

Next stop Scarborough...

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

More about Whitby

A trip to Whitby would not be complete without a mention of Captain Cook.

Nice to see a mention of NZ. 

The statue is in a splendid location 

View across to Whitby Abbey. If you want to walk to the Abbey it’s a mere 199 steps to the top. We took the bus. 

We’re off to have breakfast now before we go and explore the Victoria walk right down by the port. This is where the quaint wee shops are that featured in Heartbeat. We’re hoping to beat the crowds...we will see. 

We're in Heartbeat Country

......and so the adventures continue. 
First up we spent a happy couple of hours strolling around Leeds. 
Our train out was departing for Whitby at 12:11. Our hotel was right smack next to the station. We could actually walk down a corridor straight out into the station. 
Easy peasy we thought. 
With all the up and down stairs to find our departure platform we arrived just in time to see our train departing. 
Not to worry the delightful young flag waving man on the platform came to our rescue.
"You all right Darlings?" he said in his charming Yorkshire accent. 
Oh dear, it turned out that we couldn't catch another train to Whitby for four hours. 
He kindly phoned the guard on the next train in and organised for us to travel on that train to Scarborough. Apparently we could have been charged a new fare but managed to sneak  through. From Scarborough we had to travel by road to Whitby.
The funny thing is we're due to spend the day in Scarborough tomorrow so we will be returning.
Whitby is every bit what we imagined except for some reason we thought it was a little town. Not so about 13,000 people live here.
This is the last week of the Summer school holidays so the place is pretty busy. 
We are staying in a cute little seaside hotel. 
An easy walk to the sea front. 
The first thing we spotted was this -

A lift to the beach? 
We strolled over to look down and discovered that the beach was indeed way way down below. 
Complete with its brightly painted tiny beach houses. 

More on Whitby later. I'm posting from my phone. I find I can't post too much at one time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Our first day in Yorkshire

We are waking to our first whole day in England. Oh, how we enjoyed driving through the countryside to get to Leeds. We’re staying in a grand hotel  “The Queens” right in the city centre. It’s main claim to fame is it’s Art Deco style, which has been maintained rather well. I don’t think her Maj has ever stayed here but Princess Grace did, so we’re nudging close to royalty here folks. We depart for Whitby by the sea about midday. It’s going to be a scorching 20 degrees. Can’t wait to take in a bit of  “Heartbeat” country, 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

You know you are in Sydney....

.........when you spot these iconic landmarks.

A trip across the harbour by fast ferry to Manly. 

Sunshine and ozone. Manly is just as beautiful as I remember. Golden sands and sparkling water. 

It's been a superb day in Sydney. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

It's nothing to do with our travels.....

....but I thought I would share this with you. 
Every two years our local quilting group Taupo Quiltmakers donate a quilt to another group in our community to raise money by raffling or auctioning. 
Members donated fabric, my sister Peggy pieced it and I quilted it. 

 The quilt will be used to raise funds for a heart scanner for Taupo Hospital. 
Blue and white is a classical combination which is always popular. Let's hope it raises a lot of money for the cause.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Here we go again

Looking back I see it’s 11 months since I wrote a blog. I’m about to burst into print again as I’m departing on another adventure tomorrow. 

This is reality for me right now.......

Blogging is such a good way to journal activities and keep memories. Hopefully I’ll keep up to speed this time. 

Talk to you from Australia next



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