Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Time for a catch up.....

Golly it seems forever since we had our day trip to Skye. Let me catch you up on what we’ve been doing. From Beauly we travelled east to Arbredeen. Yet another enjoyable train trip. We fell in love with Aberdeen immediately. Such a different place. The buildings are very pretty. I think I know where Walt Disney got his inspiration for his magic fairy castle from. 

The main construction material is granite so the buildings are mainly light grey. When the sun hits the stone the buildings sparkle. 

We loved the feeling of being by the sea. The air in Aberdeen is brisk! 
The quaint cobblestone street up to our hotel.

Union Street, the main shopping street. Majestic buildings along both sides. 

We arrived around midday, explored the inner city near our hotel and settled into a great steak house for dinner. We keep finding such good places to eat! 
A wee dram - you can’t be in Scotland and not have one. 

Our hotel was directly across from The Maritime Museum so the next morning we had a good old poke around there. The building is three stories high. A very large model of  a North Sea oil rig built in the middle dominates the museum. I can imagine it would be the sort of thing that a bloke would love to look at.

Great views over the busy harbour

There are lots of interactive displays and I found my self pulled in to play at generating power by wave power and tide power. 

After visiting  the museum we departed for Edinburgh. We were sad to leave Aberdeen and wished we had stayed longer. 


  1. More news and views, what a model, and making it would be a work of art, far less getting it in place, Maybe it was all done inside. Hope the weather stays fine.My grandmother sailed from Oban to Ireland in the 1980's. What a trip for a young girl, maybe she was 15, as she went to be a Nanny for a shipping family.

  2. Wow, that's some model. I wonder what percentage scale was used (10%?) to create it. Love the view and the cobble street. I doubt my knee would like walking on it very much

  3. You will love Edinburgh, I certainly did, with the castle and the difference between the old and new towns. I'll be interested to read your views on it when you have had time to explore.

  4. We loved Beauly, thought it should be renamed Beauty because of all the pretty flowers.


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