Saturday, August 04, 2018

Speed, bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing....

..... over the sea to Skye......

Yesterday we set out by train from Beauly (near Inverness) to travel to Skye. We had the most delightful day. We travelled through many different scenes. From neat tidy ordered farm land to rugged highland areas.

 The train took us to Kyle Lochalsh where we caught our connection to Skye. 

As you can see a bit of Scottish mist around

The harbour at Kyle Lochalsh

All these years I have dreamed about catching that boat to Skye. I imagined it would be a good half day ferry ride. Wrong! You get on a bus and ride over a bridge. Not quite so romantic but quick and efficient. 

Travelling through Skye up to Portree we once again moved through changing scenes. 
There is no shortage of fresh water on Skye. In contrast to the mainland we saw many streams gushing down the hillsides. Perhaps this is where the many distilleries get their water from? 

Approaching Portree 

Looking out across the water from town. Such an idyllic place. 

Portree was teeming with people. I’d hate to be there when it’s really busy.

We had a wander around the town centre which we finished with a wee visit to the church on the square. A nice tranquil place of peace and contemplation to enjoy before we caught the bus back to the mainland. 

I loved seeing the soft hues of the landscapes along with surprisingly bright colours. Bright yellow seaweed on the rocks was a  surprise. I can see where the inspiration for Tartans and Tweeds come from. 

The houses in this area are mainly painted white or cream  with pointy grey (slate I guess) rooves . I had expected to see lots of grey stone but that was not the case. 

When we finally got back to Beauly we walked into the town square. The houses we passed by are a different style again, some sort of red stone. 

We finished our day visiting the Square in Beauly to watch the Highland dancers. Such a fun family atmosphere. We hadn’t seen dancing like this for many years. 
Lassies flashing their petticoats. 

There was a nice pub just there so that’s where we finished our superb day. Enjoying yet more excellent Scottish food. 


  1. Skye is a lovely place, isn't it, and so historic of course with the connection to the Bonnie Prince.

  2. Any fabric purchases yet? Or even a small tartan square maybe? Skye, I can see it is a beautiful place to visit, and the bridge, that shows modern things take over from the old way of a boat, wind and salt spray in your hair.

  3. What a delightful adventure! I love all your photos: it's just like I envisioned.

  4. I think you will have seen more of the UK than I did when we lived there Linda.
    Skye looks wonderful!


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