Thursday, August 02, 2018


We came up to Glasgow on Monday. 
Tuesday we spent the day exploring. We popped on a bus tour and travelled around the central city. 
We loved Glasgow. So many of the old buildings in the centre of the town are interesting and ornate in style. Many of the buildings once housed major commercial activity like banking. Some were once just splendid big homes. The revitalisation of the central city has seem a pedestrian mall installed. The retail outlets that have moved into old buildings have obviously been told to keep their signage subtle. So subtle in some cases it becomes quilte difficult to find some shops. Our hotel was right by George Square which seems to be a centre point for activities. The European Championships  which is a major sporting event commences there on Friday. The square was abuzz with workmen working to build an open air stage plus pop up shops for the occasion. 

So here you are, a little look at Glasgow

This is the biggest terracotta fountain in Europe - all about Queen Victoria of course

This building was once the private home of the Cunningham family. It is now a museum of modern art. 

Spot the subtle signage on this old building

The university buildings are very impressive 

This is the George Square , as you can see a hive of industry.

Lots of these glorious flower towers all around the square 

The Council Building - very grand. Looking very spiffing.

The cenotaph in the square has two lions guarding it. So I had to have a visit with the big cats.

Yes, I do look a bit rugged up. The weather has changed a tad. A few days ago we were sweltering at 32c suddenly the temperature dropped way down. We were out for dinner and the evening was quite chilly. 

All in all we loved our visit to Glasgow. The people are so friendly and helpful we loved being there. 

So it’s off to Skye we go tomorrow. 


  1. Fascinating architecture - I love old buildings.

  2. Mr Mum and her parents lived in a little village, Cambuslang, south of Glasgow. My Gran called Glasgow" The dirty City" and Edinburgh " The pretty town", and in the late 1908'2 there would have been so much industry. She played "chucky stones" in the Clyde. Skye, that will be a great visit. You have dressed in my favourite colours, for a colder day or night.

  3. You will love Skye too, hope you are staying for a night or two to get the feel of the island.


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