Sunday, July 22, 2018

Visiting Windsor......

After watching the Royal Wedding we decided we had to visit Windsor. The train ride to Windsor in itself is a nice outing. We arrived to find the place busy with visitors. I wondered if it is always like this or if it’s become more popular since the Royal wedding. 

I love the beautiful flowers everywhere. They add so much colour and freshness to the scene. 

Glimpses of the castle as we walked around

We were of course on the correct foot path

We walked around to the Queen’s entrance and the Long Walk. Remember Meghan and Harry riding down their in their carriage? 

Her Maj’s entrance to the castle. 

Can you see the guards at the door? 

This cute house just outside the gates is of course the Gate House. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live there? 

What was even more wonderful was there was a nice little pub right there. So we had a sit down and a cold drink, as you do. 

Flowers beautiful as always! 


We strolled back down through the High Street

So many people wandering through the shops.

Queen Victoria was there to make sure we caught the train home...

Have you spotted that the grass around the castle is burned to a crisp? That’s how hot it has been here. We were surprised that the area had not been kept watered and green  as in “this greenand pleasant land”  but apparently irrigation is not installed as it is not needed. 

.......more to share tomorrow...... 


  1. " The Two Brewers" a very fitting name as you both sit and sip.How thrilling to be there where the wedding carriage drove, Hope it isn't too hot.

  2. Such a wonderful place to visit, we didn't get to Windsor on our own trips to UK. That's a lovely photo of you both sitting and sipping outside the pub!

  3. Wow, the flower baskets are magnificent! I love the photo of you and Peggy enjoying a cool drink.

  4. Lovely photos Linda, thanks for sharing them with us and you're obviously seeing as much as you can whilst you've over there.


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