Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Visiting Buckingham Palace

Visiting Buckingham Palace has long been on my Bucket List. Our visit started with a short wait at Gate C. 

From there we were ushered into a nice cool shaded waiting area. A very smartly dressed young lady introduced herself and explained how things would evolve. Including advising us that we could not take any photos inside. First up we had to go through an airport style security area. From there we proceeded to an area where we got headphones and a dinky little touch screen device for a recorded commentary. 
So sorry folks I won’t be sharing any photos from inside. I can tell you that the tour is well worth doing if you are ever in London. The art, furniture and sculpture on display is mind boggling. 
It’s very well organised. The staff are all immaculately groomed, very friendly and willing to chat. They actually look like they love their jobs. The season lasts for ten weeks so I guess it’s a nice little summer job. They all seem so proud to be employed there. I heard one lady say that she loves it so much she wouldn’t mind if  she didn’t get paid. 

We were told that we could take photos when we emerged into the garden. But first the all important coffee stop.

We proceeded down into the garden. 

Then a stroll on down past the inevitable gift shop. Sharply presented with loads of top quality tempting goodies. I kept repeating my mantra “I do not need anything, I will not buy anything”. However I was sorely tempted by the kitchen department. I thought this apron looked like a little bit of me.

A few glimpses of the garden. England is having the driest summer since 1976 so the garden looks a little sad and dry. 

Looking back towards the Palace you can see the marquee on the Terrace where we had coffee

...and of course there was an ice cream stand. 

All in all the best building tour I have ever been on. I loved it! 

Talk again soon


  1. You are seeing all the important places or should I say Palaces?Dry, still very wet here.

  2. I'm loving traveling vicariously with you. I think I would have adored seeing BP, such an excess of riches to see.

  3. Clever of you to purchase tickets early to cut your wait short. I love the apron you selected.

  4. We were also in London at the right time to visit the palace, such a thrill going through those gorgeous rooms. No photos always seems a shame, but I expect they want you to buy the book! My very best purchase in that shop was a tiny little book called "Kings and Queens of England". As an avid History Channel watcher, it sorts out all the multiple Edwards and Henrys in my mind together with their various spouses. At 4pound 99p it was money well spent and is still in constant use. Enjoy your time in London, there is so much to see and do.

  5. Oh lucky you taking a tour around some of the rooms in the Palace, I'm green with envy!!


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