Friday, July 27, 2018

Trafalgar Square...

.....oh how I love you! 

This place always gives me a real buzz. 

Lunch at The Admiralty Pub. A superb place for food and people watching. 

We had lunch on the top deck.

Of course a visit with the big cats is a necessity. 

See that group of young people sitting in the background.? 
A bunch of Australians singing “Advance Australia Fair”. That’s what I love about the square there are always lots of fun, impromptu things going on. 

...and a visit to the National Art Gallery. What a place that is! I’m not going to give you picture overload I’ll just share a couple that took my fancy. I have seen this painting several times now. 

Spotted Van Gough’s Sunflowers which was, I thought, disappointingly rather dull. I guess over the years I have seen this depicted on many things. I suspect that users of this image may brighten it a little. It was a real bun fight to get close but I managed it. 


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