Saturday, July 14, 2018

.......the rest of our first adventure

....... Our plan was to visit the Glass Garden, whizz up the Sky Needle which is right next to the garden and then proceed on the Hop on Hop off bus for the day. Well, I guess you all know about the best laid plans of mice and men. 

The queues for the Sky Needle were horrendous. In spite of booking a time slot we could see that we would be waiting for at least an hour to get on board. I don’t take kindly to the torture of queuing. Something we Kiwis are not good at. So we decided, in spite of buying tickets to give that a miss and view from afar. If you think that it looks like Sky City Auckland I think they are first cousins. 

The first place we decided to hop of the bus was Miner’s Landing on the seafront. This is where the first big shipment of gold that started the Alaskan gold rush arrived in Seattle. The view from here across the sounds to snowy mountains is marvellous. 

We found a nice place to have lunch, seated outside, taking in the bracing sea air. Turns out the air was I little too bracing. The sun brolly in the middle of our table took flight, whizzed passed my head missing me by inches and landed upside down on a table two along from us! 

There are flowers everywhere. They all seem too look super bright. 

After lunch we took a wee stroll around the area. The sights you see......

It turned out that the bus idea was a bit of a fizzer. The service only has three buses running which is a tad inadequate. Buses only came by about every 45 minutes - if you are lucky. It would be impossible to do all the stops and sightsee in one day. 

So from there we decided to get the next bus and  ride the bus to the Tiffany and Co shopping centre. This meant that we made it nearly all the way around the city. The commentary on the buses was very good.  At the shopping centre I did take a stroll through Tiffanys, as you do. I didn’t think it was quite the place where you would whip out your camera. I imagine someone would be right by your side in a flash. However I can report there was a lot of serious sparkle going on there. 

And just for your amusement....... you get in the lift. 

1R is the ground floor

*1 is the second floor

2 is the third floor. 

.......just saying....

Today we are going to visit my nephew David’s work place. He works for Valve, the company that makes a lot of the top computer games. That will be followed by some retail therapy and lunch at The Lunch Box Laboratory.
 I know, sounds like we are going to be the victims of a science experiment! 

Catch you later....


  1. Why on earth would anyone do that to their beloved pet! Crazy people

    Ahh yes, the elevator floor guessing game. I don't understand the logic behind the numbering.

  2. Well, you can see how others live. What views, totally amazing, just as good as Lake Taupo to the Mountains.


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