Friday, July 27, 2018

Thanks your Maj....

......for the best free show in town. 

Today we headed into the city to go to one of our favourite events but first a stop at this coffee shop. 

Just around the corner from Buck House is this coffee shop Timmy Green, owned by an Australian. 


There we enjoyed the best coffee we have had so far in England. 

A short stroll around the corner bought us to Wellington Barracks where the Guards and the band that will escort them get ready to head to the Palace. 
We got there nice and early and scored a prime position to observe all the foot stamping, saluting, and inspecting of the troops. Lots of Pomp and ceremony. The band played while the Guard was preparing. We were delighted to hear them playing “Yesterday “

There they go marching off up to the Palace.

(I took some great videos but sadly my IPad won’t let me add them)

After the Guards and Band marched off we entered St James Park and took a leisurely stroll through the Park over to the Mall on the other side.

I’m always amazed by the green spaces in London. With the traffic stopped for the Changing of the Guard you can’t hear the roar of traffic. It’s very tranquil in the park. 

 We wandered along towards Admiralty Arch, enjoying the Mall sans traffic. Lots of Union Jacks flying. 

We found some steps to sit on and waited for the Horse Guards to trot by. 

There they go, looking splendid as always. From there it was just a short stroll to another favourite destination. 


  1. What an occasion. To be there would be most wonderful. Hope your feet are not getting too many blisters!!

  2. Fascinating! I'm enjoying the virtual trip England with you and a Peggy.


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