Thursday, July 19, 2018

Snoqualmie Falls....

Yesterday we took a lovely drive through the lush green countryside to Snoqualmie Falls.

See that building to the left of the Falls? That is a very nice resort, where we had dinner in the swanky restaurant overlooking the Falls. 
This restaurant prides its self in using the best of regular produce. They have their own beehives there so any food on the menu featuring honey is made using their own product. They also had a vegetable garden right by the restaurant. This of course was full of bees. A delightful location. The food was superb. I had Elk for dinner. How about that for something different? 

Once again beautiful hanging baskets of flowers abound. 

This morning we are all packed and ready to depart to England,

Chat to you from there..... 


  1. And we all think a view like that is so amazing, and back home look at Lake Taupo or our Central Plateau mountains, and no doubt visitors think the same. Elk? Maybe like venison but with more tang?

  2. Elk is by far my favorite wild game meat - it's a very lean meat and usually doesn't have a strong game taste like antelope. The falls are beautiful. I hope you have a safe flight to England.

  3. Wishing you a safe and uneventful flight to England, the next stage of your holiday. I like to try new to me foods too when I'm away, all part of the trip, isn't it.

  4. Safe flight to England, looks like you had a wonderful time in the USA, hope you have the same in England.


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