Friday, July 13, 2018

Beautiful Seattle

Hello from America

We had a good journey to America. Air NZ from Auckland to San  Fransisco super as always and then Virgin Red to Seattle. All went very smoothly. 

We had one day around the house, getting rested and ready to go adventuring. 

Today Peggy’s son David took us into Downtown Seattle. Such a clean, green, pretty city. Lots of trees and bright flowers.  The sky of course the bright blue just as the song says. 

Our first stop was the Chihuly Garden and Glass Centre. If you ever get to Seattle this is a must see! The glass work is on a grand scale. Stunning designs and brilliant colours. I will let the photos tell the story.

This is called the mosaic ceiling

The rooms are darkened . These pieces were arranged on a black glass plinth about 18 inches above floor level. 
The glass pieces are HUGE.

I got to Peggy to take this photo to give you an idea of scale.
These two pieces were suspended from the ceiling. The lime green piece is  about 3 meters long.

From the darkened rooms you emerge into a huge glass house with these bright orange flowers suspended from the roof. 

...and from there out into the garden which is superbly designed, with glorious plant and glass  colour combinations. 

Right here in the heart of the city it was delightful to see lots and lots of bees busy around the plants. We even saw a humming bird. 

After the Glass Garden we headed out to do a spot of sight seeing on the Hop on Hop of Bus. 

.........more about that tomorrow. 


  1. Unbelievable!!! These are amazing,and the size, wow. Enjoy every day.

  2. I seen a similar ceiling filled with glass flowers in Las Vegas. The other displays you saw are amazingly beautiful and definitely large.

  3. What an amazing place, well worth the entry fee, whatever that was.

  4. Linda what magnificent post full of colour - a real feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. Truly amazing.


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