Sunday, July 15, 2018

As American as Apple Pie

Today we attended an Ice Cream Party. The couple who organised this have been running this event for eleven years.

Arriving at Ice Cream house.

Signs to lead the way

Menu - take a moment to read this. There are some very interesting flavours. 

We all got a “playing” card so we could keep track of what we had tasted. Yep, I tried seven different flavours. In my humble opinion the Lime Mint Sorbet and the Ferengi Cheesecake were first equal. 

Shade and seating arranged on the lawn

Everyone queued for ice cream. Paper bowls were available or edible waffle bowls. 

Mrs. Ice Cream maker extraordinaire. Dressed for the part. I think she probably believes in unicorns! 

Check out her nails

All the people we meet were super polite and friendly. A real fun family friendly gathering. Another full on enjoyable day has passed by. 

Tomorrow we head to Leavenworth in the Cascade Moutains for a day trip. Peggy and I drove through there last time we were in America. We’re looking forward to returning.

Catch you tomorrow 


  1. Wow, what a great event. I would so enjoy that, and the menu, what choices.

  2. Interesting and fun party idea. The hostess clearly had fun creating all those unique flavors.

  3. Oh my. So many choices. HOw would a procrastinator like me ever make up my mind?

  4. Now this is certainly new to me - had you heard of these parties before?

  5. Gosh my son would think he was in heaven with all those different flavours.


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