Saturday, July 28, 2018

Some things change, some things stay the same....

In August 2015 when we were visiting in this part of the world I posted a picture of the house across the road from where we were staying. 

Here we are August 2018 and it looks like time has stood still

Friday, July 27, 2018

Trafalgar Square...

.....oh how I love you! 

This place always gives me a real buzz. 

Lunch at The Admiralty Pub. A superb place for food and people watching. 

We had lunch on the top deck.

Of course a visit with the big cats is a necessity. 

See that group of young people sitting in the background.? 
A bunch of Australians singing “Advance Australia Fair”. That’s what I love about the square there are always lots of fun, impromptu things going on. 

...and a visit to the National Art Gallery. What a place that is! I’m not going to give you picture overload I’ll just share a couple that took my fancy. I have seen this painting several times now. 

Spotted Van Gough’s Sunflowers which was, I thought, disappointingly rather dull. I guess over the years I have seen this depicted on many things. I suspect that users of this image may brighten it a little. It was a real bun fight to get close but I managed it. 

Thanks your Maj....

......for the best free show in town. 

Today we headed into the city to go to one of our favourite events but first a stop at this coffee shop. 

Just around the corner from Buck House is this coffee shop Timmy Green, owned by an Australian. 


There we enjoyed the best coffee we have had so far in England. 

A short stroll around the corner bought us to Wellington Barracks where the Guards and the band that will escort them get ready to head to the Palace. 
We got there nice and early and scored a prime position to observe all the foot stamping, saluting, and inspecting of the troops. Lots of Pomp and ceremony. The band played while the Guard was preparing. We were delighted to hear them playing “Yesterday “

There they go marching off up to the Palace.

(I took some great videos but sadly my IPad won’t let me add them)

After the Guards and Band marched off we entered St James Park and took a leisurely stroll through the Park over to the Mall on the other side.

I’m always amazed by the green spaces in London. With the traffic stopped for the Changing of the Guard you can’t hear the roar of traffic. It’s very tranquil in the park. 

 We wandered along towards Admiralty Arch, enjoying the Mall sans traffic. Lots of Union Jacks flying. 

We found some steps to sit on and waited for the Horse Guards to trot by. 

There they go, looking splendid as always. From there it was just a short stroll to another favourite destination. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Visiting Buckingham Palace

Visiting Buckingham Palace has long been on my Bucket List. Our visit started with a short wait at Gate C. 

From there we were ushered into a nice cool shaded waiting area. A very smartly dressed young lady introduced herself and explained how things would evolve. Including advising us that we could not take any photos inside. First up we had to go through an airport style security area. From there we proceeded to an area where we got headphones and a dinky little touch screen device for a recorded commentary. 
So sorry folks I won’t be sharing any photos from inside. I can tell you that the tour is well worth doing if you are ever in London. The art, furniture and sculpture on display is mind boggling. 
It’s very well organised. The staff are all immaculately groomed, very friendly and willing to chat. They actually look like they love their jobs. The season lasts for ten weeks so I guess it’s a nice little summer job. They all seem so proud to be employed there. I heard one lady say that she loves it so much she wouldn’t mind if  she didn’t get paid. 

We were told that we could take photos when we emerged into the garden. But first the all important coffee stop.

We proceeded down into the garden. 

Then a stroll on down past the inevitable gift shop. Sharply presented with loads of top quality tempting goodies. I kept repeating my mantra “I do not need anything, I will not buy anything”. However I was sorely tempted by the kitchen department. I thought this apron looked like a little bit of me.

A few glimpses of the garden. England is having the driest summer since 1976 so the garden looks a little sad and dry. 

Looking back towards the Palace you can see the marquee on the Terrace where we had coffee

...and of course there was an ice cream stand. 

All in all the best building tour I have ever been on. I loved it! 

Talk again soon

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Visiting Windsor......

After watching the Royal Wedding we decided we had to visit Windsor. The train ride to Windsor in itself is a nice outing. We arrived to find the place busy with visitors. I wondered if it is always like this or if it’s become more popular since the Royal wedding. 

I love the beautiful flowers everywhere. They add so much colour and freshness to the scene. 

Glimpses of the castle as we walked around

We were of course on the correct foot path

We walked around to the Queen’s entrance and the Long Walk. Remember Meghan and Harry riding down their in their carriage? 

Her Maj’s entrance to the castle. 

Can you see the guards at the door? 

This cute house just outside the gates is of course the Gate House. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live there? 

What was even more wonderful was there was a nice little pub right there. So we had a sit down and a cold drink, as you do. 

Flowers beautiful as always! 


We strolled back down through the High Street

So many people wandering through the shops.

Queen Victoria was there to make sure we caught the train home...

Have you spotted that the grass around the castle is burned to a crisp? That’s how hot it has been here. We were surprised that the area had not been kept watered and green  as in “this greenand pleasant land”  but apparently irrigation is not installed as it is not needed. 

.......more to share tomorrow...... 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Our first morning in London....

We enjoyed our flight over from Seattle with Virgin Airlines Atlanta. They have snazzy knew air liners, the best plane I have ever been on. So quiet, I was even able to watch a movie and hear the sound track!

Our first morning here Richard and Hannah took us to Breakfast at Somerset house by the river Thames. 

We sat in the central courtyard which was amazing quiet and peaceful for the middle of London. Food was great too! 

After breakfast I slipped through the building to view the Thames.

After breakfast we headed to the Adelphi Theatre , The Strand to buy tickets for Kinky Boots. More on that latter........

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Snoqualmie Falls....

Yesterday we took a lovely drive through the lush green countryside to Snoqualmie Falls.

See that building to the left of the Falls? That is a very nice resort, where we had dinner in the swanky restaurant overlooking the Falls. 
This restaurant prides its self in using the best of regular produce. They have their own beehives there so any food on the menu featuring honey is made using their own product. They also had a vegetable garden right by the restaurant. This of course was full of bees. A delightful location. The food was superb. I had Elk for dinner. How about that for something different? 

Once again beautiful hanging baskets of flowers abound. 

This morning we are all packed and ready to depart to England,

Chat to you from there..... 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A trip down memory lane

Sunday we visited Leavenworth which is about two hours drive away up high in the Cascade mountains. 
Peggy and I stopped there on our travels three years ago. Peggy returned with David and family in 2016 for a short stay. 
We both fell in love with Leavenworth and asked to visit again. 
 The whole town is made to look like a Bavarian village. It's very pretty. 
We had lunch at a German style restaurant. I got to taste Sauerkraut for the first time. I loved it. Be buying some when we return home. 
Here you go, be ready for lots of pictures.....

If you are ever travelling this way do stop off in Leavenworth. It’s well worth a visit. 

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