Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Sundries…..

I read so many blogs from the Northern Hemisphere that sometimes I feel confused about what season I am in. Especially when I see these colours out in the garden. How Autumnal are these colours?
FullSizeRender (2)
I never cease to amazed by the kindness of other bloggers. When Nancy of Wyoming Breezes mentioned recently that she had made a shawl that she thought was too bright I put my hand up and said “Not too bright for me”. Nancy very kindly popped in the post to me. I just love these colours. Our weather has been so dreadful and cold I think I may get some wear out of it before next winter.Do pop over and visit Nancy’s blog. As well as knitting Nancy makes quilts. She has just completed quilt #125 for Quilts of Valour

We watched the All Blacks play Scotland this morning. Hershey was not at all impressed. He was more concerned about getting feed.

On the frame today this colouful Christmas Cactus Quilt

…and just to get me in the mood I have been listening to this hot of the press CD. 

Last but not least we have had the pleasure of hosting two wonderful willing workers at our house. David and David from Germany.On their last day with us we cooked them a real Kiwi dinner. Roast Lamb with all the trimmings, followed by rhubarb tart. Here they are looking full up and happy.
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Yes, this is a repost of yesterday's post.Thanks to my readers who let me know my photos weren't all visible. Please let me know if you can see them now.



  1. I'm thrilled that the shawl arrived and that you might be able to wear it before winter. Enjoy!

    Only the first and last photos are visible in today's post. The others have a circle with a minus sign in the middle.

  2. That is a beautiful shawl, quite said to think we still need them this time of year. Not sure if the summer clothes will ever get pulled out.


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