Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Sundries

Another Boomerang Bag ready to be released. Cute fabric, yes? 

More colour appearing in the garden. The Banksia rose in full flow. Competing with the clematis for space.

The driveway garden is looking nice. 

Vegetable garden all tidied up for summer, tomato plants in with their good friends marigolds close by.

All looking very sharp after the ministrations of two super duper WWOOFERS Lena and Maile who spent last week with us. 

My city of itty bitty houses 

was crying out for some greenery so I planted a Christmas Tree Farm.

Thanks for popping by



  1. The gardens are looking wonderful. You, Peggy, and the WWOOFERS have been busy.

    All of your IttyBitty houses make me smile. I ❤️ scrappy!

  2. Love the rose and clematis combination, I had plans to get stuck into my vege garden this weekend, but it rained, and it blew and it was much nicer in my sewing room.


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