Sunday, October 01, 2017

Jenny’s Raspberry Ripple

When Jenny gave me her beautiful Candlewick quilt to stitch my mind went into a creative spin. So much space to play with!

Candlewick quilt

After a chat with Jenny we hatched a plan. The first thing I did was cut a piece of batting to place behind each stitchery. This was to give extra puff to create a Fuax trapunto effect. I spray basted these to the back of each block before carefully loading it onto the frame with Soft and bright batting through the whole quilt. I wanted that candlewicking  to pop.

Here are some before and after photos to show how that worked.

These love birds are so romantic:

Candlewick love birds

I think this butterfly is my favourite block:

Candlewick butterfly

The centre block presented its own challenges as it required a repeat of the outer sashing quilting. Almost a a miniature quilt.

Candlewick medalion

Different patterns for the sashings/borders:

raspberry ripple sashing border treatments

Candlewick corner stone

I always get a kick out of how a simple piece of calico can be totally transformed with quilting.

Raspberry calico sashing

Of course you would like to see the whole finished quilt wouldn’t you?

Candlewick quilt


Please pop on over to Jenny’s blog to read her story about this quilt.

The back of Raspberry Ripple looks super too. Almost like a whole cloth quilt. Two for the price of one!

raspberry ripple backing

Thanks for popping by on what has been a dreary grey day. I have heard that spring is coming but it seems a little overdue.



  1. Beyond beautiful!!! Spring, we have the heater going, it is drizzling, and winter jackets are on, again. Hope you and we down here miss the gale winds that are in the forecasts.

  2. Another grotty day in Auckland too, luckily pretty piccys like this brighten our days.

  3. That is some detailed quilting. Must have taken days!

  4. Raspberry Ripple's Mum here - yes, the quilting is superb (all and guided) and turned my rather simple calico blocks into a work of art. I am absolutely delighted with the finished quilt, thanks so much, Linda.

  5. Oops, meant to write "hand guided" of course.

  6. How lovely to see a candlewick quilt, they were so popular years ago! I love all your detailed quilting on this, very effective!

  7. OH my goodness!!! This is such a beautiful quilt, it must have been absolutely delightful to work on, and I'm sure you took her breath away!


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