Sunday, October 08, 2017

Sunday sundries

Finally in spite of all the rain some colour is appearing in the garden. The clematis looks superb this year.

A sneak peek at quilting in progress...

The cats know what to do on a rainy dreary day

Thanks for popping by.


  1. I hope my words are in English!!! Yes, our clematis is flowering, and has climbed extra high this year.More rain last night, but fine at the moment. Our cats know where to go as well, comfort must come first.

  2. I just commented on another blog which had lots of foreign comments - hope there is not a nasty virus doing the rounds.
    Cats love nothing better than making themselves comfortable, don't they!

  3. Beautiful blooms!

    The blue and white quilt teaser makes my heart beat a bit faster: I do love blue and white together.

  4. Thanks for the trip around the garden, you have a beautiful show of clematis and the iris are glorious! Your fur babies have things just right!!


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