Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bitty Houses…….

Bitty Houses village one
A wee while ago I spotted Bitty Blocks on Quiltmakers site. I found the Bitty Houses very appealing. I thought stitching a few of these a day would be the idea project to make me take a wee break away from my quilting machine. Five a day I thought. Well that soon turned into monster! These blocks finish at 3”, super cute, super addictive.
Peggy a I have a scrap harvesting system which means we have lots of pre cut squares available. This made it easy to find a large variety of fabrics very quickly. This where I am up to with my Bitty Houses production:
Bitty Houses all the blocks
I figured that joining these Bitty blocks in rows might end up with a hot bendy mess so I am building villages, 3 blocks by 3 blocks.
Bitty Houses village two
Then I will move onto Towns and finally my City will come together. I’m loving using fabrics which have been in my/our stash for up to twenty years!
It takes a village…..



  1. Don't you just love it when scraps take on a new life! These little itty bitty houses look amazing en masse!

  2. The houses are adorable!

    I have a similar system to cut and keep scraps under control. It's nice to have those precursor available.

  3. I love your little houses, so good to make them from scraps. Love scraps!!!


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