Monday, July 24, 2017

Four years ago….

Peggy made this baby memory quilt for Ashton and I quilted it.

Recently the same family contacted her to make a baby memory quilt for Ashton’s younger brother Nate.
Peggy worked her magic building blocks and once again I completed the quilting.

It was fun working on this quilt with each block quilted differently. I think these are my favourite blocksNate's blocks
Nate’s Mother chose this quote from Dr Suess for the label.
Nate's quilt label
This was a fun project to work on. Pop on over to Peggy’s blog if you would like to see more about the process of making this quilt.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

A day in the life of a long arm quilter

Recently when a member of Taupo Quiltmakers came to drop off a quilt she asked to see my machine. As a result of that she asked me if I would be prepared to show other club members my machine and how I go about loading a quilt.  “A day if the life of a long arm quilter” was born.

Six Quilters came to spend the morning with me. I had prepared a calico whole cloth quilt to put on my machine. I showed the ladies how I do that and talked as we went about backings, battings  and why your long arm quilter asks for a generous amount of backing fabric.

I had marked a Star on point in the middle of the fabric, setting triangles and a narrow frame around that.

A Day in the life centre


Firstly I showed the ladies how I baste the quilt sandwich from top to bottom before I start to quilt. Then I moved on to show them how I do ruler work. I stitched out the Star, the setting triangles, the pumpkin seed shapes in the middle of the star and the narrow frame around the center..

From there I moved onto some free motion quilting. Filling in the spaces between the pumpkin seeds, one of the setting triangle feathers and the curling ribbon in the narrow stitched border.

After that the ladies took control and all had a turn at the machine.

A Day in the life team work

When the ladies departed I went back and and stitched pearls around the star, completed the feathers, filled in the balance of the background and bound our quilt.

A Day in the life 3_1

A Day in the life 5

I think we made a great team effort. What do you think?

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PS Once it was completed one of the team got to take the quilt home.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Angela’s Hexagon quilt….

Forty seven years ago my cousin Angela set about making a hexagon flower quilt with scraps from family clothing.

Angela's quilt before quilting

There’s every kind  of fabric from that era that you can think of in this quilt.

A glorious array of colours and textures.
Angela's quilt before quiltingclose up

It quilted up lovely. Nice soft all over in the centre:

Angela's quilt middle

The wide border was a perfect place for some swirly dwirly quilting.

Angela's quilt

It was a pleasure to quilt this up for my cousin.

Linking up with Julie Lou and Linda from Koka Quilts


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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Japanese Flower Garden

Barbara made this very interesting quilt using a pattern which, I think, came from Patchwork Passion of Auckland.

Japanese flower garden whole quilt

The applique shapes are quite naive . Barbara requested simple shadow quilting around the flowers.

Japanese flower garden daisy 2Japanese flower garden daisy

We agreed that a simple feather would look good in the cream border, that was interesting as when I came to stitch the feather I realised I had to “wrap” the feathers around the applique flowers.

Japanese flower garden feather on border

…and of course I just had to stitch some cotton onto the cotton reels..

Japanese flower garden cotton reels

It was interesting to work with oblong blocks rather than squares. The pieced blocks had me puzzled for a bit until I realised that i could stitch an oval on there and fill it with petals.

Japanese flower garden oval on pieced blocks

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Barbara.

One more peek.

Japanese flower garden corner anglet


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