Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Sundries

I love living where the change of seasons is so distinct. Right now we have glorious Autumn colours on display.

This tree is right outside my bathroom window.

Autumn Colours May 2017 three

More lush colours in our garden.

Autumn Colours May 2017 one

Autumn Colours May 2017 two


Look what has been happening to our front door this week.

Front door refurbishment

This is what I got to do today:

Painting door

All looking as good as new.


….and what would a Sunday post be without some Kitty Kandy?

Hershey in the studio

Hershey and friend.



  1. We all need friends, and even in fabric there is comfort.Lovely new door and finish.

  2. Even though I grumble about winter and all the snow, I love the change of seasons.

    My door was changed last Fall and needs to be painted. Since you have experience, want to pop over and paint it for me. I have all the supplies. ;o)

  3. One thing I miss in Northland is the beautiful autumn colour.... we have a little but not nearly as much as further south.


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