Monday, May 15, 2017

Steaming along…..

Cat sent me a quilt with a Steam Punk theme. I have to confess Steam Punk was not a subject I knew a lot about. So off I went into Pinterest land to be educated. “Could I quilt circles” she asked? “Yes”, I said. So we developed a plan. About three quarters of the quilt would be covered with circles and straight lines, the bottom right hand corner would have larger wheels and cogs quilted there.

Steam Punk full quilt

Steam Punk corner

A very interesting quilt. In this case the back of the quilt actually shows the stitching better.

Steam Punk reverse corner

Cat is extremely generous with her quilt making. Steam Punk has already been gifted as a big quilted hug to a friend of hers. It was a pleasure to be involved with this project.



  1. It's always fascinating to see the back of a quilt when you've worked on it and yes, the quilting does show up more on the reverse, I love what you have done here.

  2. steam punk is very big here though not into it myself, quilting looks very good and as you say we can see it so clearly on the back

  3. I've never heard of Steam Punk, but I love the quilting you did for Cat. It looks amazing!

  4. Goodness, your quilting has really added a whole new dimension to the quilt! So lovely to look at, back and front!

  5. Oamaru is Steam Punk Capital in New Zealand. Well worth checking out next time you have a trip down to the South Island.


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