Sunday, May 21, 2017

Log cabin with a twist

Cat’s inspiration for this quilt top came from some log cabin blocks gifted to her by her Aunt.

Cat's modern log cabin one

Her colour choices and setting are perfect to show of her Aunt’s log cabin blocks.

Cat's modern log cabin floor

Cat requested a soft all over quilting style.

Perfect modern twist to a classic quilting block.Lovely combination of some older fabrics (spot the pansies) with more modern prints.

Cat's modern log cabin three

Thank you for asking me to quilt for you Cat.




  1. Lovely fabrics that show off the log cabins so well, and as always, your quilting gives the finishing touch of gorgeousness!!!

  2. Cat has a good eye for quilt layout and design. This is a striking quilt.

  3. Lovely Linda! And yes, I spotted the pansies, I think I have a few pansies in the depths of my stash here!

  4. I like this setting, really shows off the cabin blocks.


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