Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Walk about Australia

When this quilt came to me I immediately fell in love with it.

Walk about Australia one

In 1981 Glynn and I toured around Australia in a camper van.Yep that’s me at The Devil’s Marbles.

The Devils Marbles

The Australian prints seemed like old friends.They bought back so many memories. The colour used in the alternative diamonds evokes the colour of ochre rock in the Outback. I pondered for some time about how to quilt this one. In the end I went for Boomerang shapes with an Aboriginal art style ( I hope) snake shape running through the middle.


In the dark borders I put a narrow up and down matchstick quilting.



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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Log cabin with a twist

Cat’s inspiration for this quilt top came from some log cabin blocks gifted to her by her Aunt.

Cat's modern log cabin one

Her colour choices and setting are perfect to show of her Aunt’s log cabin blocks.

Cat's modern log cabin floor

Cat requested a soft all over quilting style.

Perfect modern twist to a classic quilting block.Lovely combination of some older fabrics (spot the pansies) with more modern prints.

Cat's modern log cabin three

Thank you for asking me to quilt for you Cat.



Monday, May 15, 2017

Steaming along…..

Cat sent me a quilt with a Steam Punk theme. I have to confess Steam Punk was not a subject I knew a lot about. So off I went into Pinterest land to be educated. “Could I quilt circles” she asked? “Yes”, I said. So we developed a plan. About three quarters of the quilt would be covered with circles and straight lines, the bottom right hand corner would have larger wheels and cogs quilted there.

Steam Punk full quilt

Steam Punk corner

A very interesting quilt. In this case the back of the quilt actually shows the stitching better.

Steam Punk reverse corner

Cat is extremely generous with her quilt making. Steam Punk has already been gifted as a big quilted hug to a friend of hers. It was a pleasure to be involved with this project.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Sundries

I love living where the change of seasons is so distinct. Right now we have glorious Autumn colours on display.

This tree is right outside my bathroom window.

Autumn Colours May 2017 three

More lush colours in our garden.

Autumn Colours May 2017 one

Autumn Colours May 2017 two


Look what has been happening to our front door this week.

Front door refurbishment

This is what I got to do today:

Painting door

All looking as good as new.


….and what would a Sunday post be without some Kitty Kandy?

Hershey in the studio

Hershey and friend.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bright colours and Bubbles for Baby


Kathy made this bright quilt for a soon to be born Grandchild.

Bubbles for baby

I think this is the split four patch pattern. It looks quite intricate doesn’t it?All those itty bitty strips in the border are about ¾ ˝  inch wide. Very effective. I quilted a big soft bubbly paisley all over.

Bubbles for Baby2

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sew, stitch,snap share

Along with two other members of our in house Sweet Pea sewing group I am embarking on an applique project. I have been told that a pressing board is essential to achieve nice crisp edges to my applique pieces. So this week I made pressing boards for our applique team.
  pressing board
To make these I followed Sharon Schamber’s excellent tutorial on You Tube.The fabric I used to make sleeves is about 20 years old. Perfect for this project.
Peggy and I have been making runners for various bits of furniture around the house. Peggy has been completing the piecing and I have been stitching the quilting.
Table runner one
It is nice to have the occasional smaller project to “play” on. I have long admired Judy Madsen’s quilting style. I like the way she stitches frames around parts of the piecing and creates different shapes. So this piece was perfect for trying out that technique.
Table runner two
I’m pleased with how it turned out.
Linking up with Julie Lou and Linda from Koka Quilts

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tracey’s sampler quilt…..

Whilst tidying up my photo files I discovered this quilt that I hadn’t posted about.


I believe this quilt was made with a pattern from
“The Cloth Shop” Saturday Sampler program. I think the mix of black and grey with a touch of red works well.

I put spirals through the main body of the quilt, wishbones in the narrow border and simple piano keys in the outer border. This quit, was destined to be owned and loved by Tracey’s son. I think it has a good masculine look.


I’m sure by now he has enjoyed many warm times under this quilt.

Thanks for popping by.


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