Sunday, April 30, 2017

….and so we said Goodbye……

…to Iris. Our last wonderful willing worker until Springtime. Iris has moved and stacked fire wood, trimmed hedges and generally weeded and tidied up our gardens ready for Winter. Today she will be crossing to the South Island to continue her New Zealand Adventure. Hershey, I think, had a bit of a crush on her.He climbed on her lap for a big purry snuggle just when Iris was ‘sposed to be getting ready to leave. I don’t think she wanted to go!

Iris and Hershey 2

…….and we said Hello to a new four footed family member. Jeremy and Bhavna popped in on their way home from picking up their new puppy Beau. Isn’t he cute?

Jeremy and the boys2

BTW his big brother is called Arrow. So we have Beau and Arrow. That’s a big bundle of cuteness right there.

Thanks for popping by



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  1. Iris, what a grand smile, and a cat lover as well. And the doggie names!!! Will there be in the future a " Bull's eye" ?? Hope all is well with you up further north, AOK here.


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