Sunday, April 30, 2017

A gift for Mr.Tai Chi


In February last year I started attending Tai Chi classes. A few weeks later my friend Margaret also started to attend Tai Chi. We both love it and we very much appreciate the effort Toni (Mr.Tai Chi)puts into teaching us. Towards the end of  last year Margaret and I decided to make Toni a quilt to say “thank you”.

Margaret pieced the quilt top:

Toni's quilt flimsey_1

 and I quilted it.

 Tonys quilt

It’s always a bit of a challenge to make a quilt for someone when you have never visited their house. Toni had attended our local quilt show with his wife. He made the comment that they found the many of the quilts very busy and that they preferred a “quieter” colour palette. So that was the information we had to go forward. I think Margaret did an excellent job with her colour choices and piecing to pull off the right look. Margaret and I were both delighted when we visited Toni’s house to discover our “Thank you” quilt hanging in the entrance way.

Toni's quilt in his house2




  1. Oh my... you both must have hit the right note! It looks wonderful hanging in his entrance way!

  2. So like the Tai Chi movements, peaceful, serene, and just right there., the perfect place to be hung. Even the doggies are approving, sitting so quietly. A gift to be cherished.

  3. Giving an appreciation gift is always appropriate, and clearly Toni loves the quilt.

    I've never tried Tai Chi.

  4. The quilt is hanging in just the right spot, it looks really at home and I love it!

  5. The quilt looks like it was made for that spot! Such a lovely gift.

    1. PS I absolutely love your header photo!!


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