Friday, March 31, 2017

Wonderful willing workers

This past week we have had four super young people staying with us. 
From left to right we have Antonia, Logan, Andrew and Marlene. 

The girls have been to stay with us before in December last year. They are on their way home to Germany now. The guys are from America and they are just starting their journey around New Zealand. 


The weather has not been great but in spite of that a lot has been achieved. The girls worked in the garden and completed tasks indoors. The guys main mission was to clean down the garage door and panelling by our front door, then paint those areas. All done! 

It's always lots of fun having these young people to stay. We do so appreciate all the work they do for us. 

Thanks, Marlene, Antonia, Logan and Andrew. We wish you all well with your futures adventures. 


  1. It must be a relief to have someone to do those odd jobs.

  2. Lovely to see you and Peggy wth your very happy Woofers, Linda. You obviously make them feel very welcome and happy and they, in return do your jobs. Marvellous scheme, benefits all round. Love to you both, Linda (Kenilworth UK)

  3. Such a happy looking bunch - I bet they took a lot of feeding!!

  4. A happy photo Linda! More quilting time for you with these young folks visiting.


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