Friday, February 10, 2017

Hearts Entwined

Jenny from Romany Quilter gave me her Heart themed quilt to stitch. I follow Jenny's blog. She had a plan last year to complete a stash of UFO's. This quilt was worked on during year so I watched it all come togther.I was delighted when she asked me to quilt it.

Such a pretty quilt. I cross hatched all the Nine patches and the checkered border, feathered around the hearts and Mc Dazzled the border.

Aren't these heart blocks pretty? Jenny stitched them and then coloured them in.

Jenny said she doesn't care to applique long vines so she cleverly used wide Rick Rac in the borders.

Jenny tells me this quilt is destined for the bed in their caravan. I hope she has many sweet dreams sleeping under it.


  1. Beautiful, every part, the fabrics, the design, the rick rack and then your quilting. Love that new header photo.

  2. Thank you so much Linda for the exquisite quilting you did on my quilt. I just love it to bits!!!
    And I'm sure there will be another of my large UFOs coming your way soon for you to work to work on, as soon as I get to the finishing line.

  3. sucha a pretty quilt, I was watching colouring in fabric only yesterxay on tv had not seen it sone before and they are selling ready patterned fabric to colour in

  4. Beautiful quilting, especially the hearts and borders. Well done!

  5. Lovely quilt and quilting, the quilting around the hearts really makes them stand out.

  6. It beautiful Linda - lovely quilting on an already lovely quilt :-)


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