Thursday, October 06, 2016

Wynne’s beautiful flower quilt…..

I haven’t written about this quilt sooner as I knew Wynne was showing it in our exhibition.

Wynnes quilt

Wynne made his quilt over a number of years, I think five or six. The pattern by Margaret Matthews was published in the bi-monthly NZ Quilter magazine. The quilt is called “Spring Flowers” Parts of this quilt became Wynne’s portable project as she travelled New Zealand in her camper van. The series was started when she travelled with her husband and I know it holds special memories for her.The blocks have place names embroidered on them.  Wynne suggested that I could perhaps stipple the background of the blocks. I said “no”, I don’t stipple anything. Why would I stipple when I can do something much more elegant? In the borders I used a mixture of swirls and pebbles, for the blocks a much more sweeping, swirling style with pebbles around the place names. Lots of photos here, but I’m sure you will enjoy them.








A little glimpse of the pre quilted top


…..and just because I can another after……

Wynnes quilt2



  1. Wow - what alot of work in that. Beautiful quilting, perfect spring quilt.

  2. I loved this before when you shared a photo and how wonderful to see the close ups such a talented lady and your quilting has added to the perfectipn a real beauty

  3. Such a gorgeous quilt, so much work & love has gone into this! And your choice of quilting is perfect, lots of background texture to compliment the handwork!

  4. Lovely quilt and your quilting is super pretty and oh so right! I am not a fan of stipple either but some of my customers love it!

  5. Beautiful, the blocks, the flowers and your quilting. Hope it's a little warmer in Taupo,cold here, where did spring go? we have had the fire going all day!!! Thanks for sharing this with us, and never too many photos at all.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous - the stitching and the quilting. It's heirloom quality. Well done!

  7. So glad we got to see some close-ups of this; the quilt is beautiful, your quilting compliments it so well. Great teamwork!

  8. Such a beautiful quilt - and once again, your quilting is superb!! Well done, both of you.

  9. Your elegant quilting style really enhances this beautiful quilt.

  10. Oh my, this is truly an amazing work of art!!!


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