Friday, August 05, 2016

Sally’s Sunflowers…

Sally wrote to me and asked if I would quilt a Sunflower themed quilt for her. I imagined something very country toned. Imagine my surprise when I opened her parcel and found her very modern toned Sunflower quilt.

Sallys sunflowers whole quilt

Twenty five appliqued Sunflower blocks! What a marathon that must have been for Sally.

I Nemeshed the background of all the sunflowers blocks.

Sallys Sunflowers x four

The connecting blocks also formed the border. I gave them a modern touch by stitching a square on point in the centre and then stitching wavy lines out to the edges. I think this worked well for this quilt.

Sallys sunflowers connecting block

Sallys sunflowers side border

Sallys sunflowers on frame

Thank you for asking me to stitch your quilt Sally.


  1. Wow!!! Just what we need today, bright and golden sunshine in a sunflower or more.. guess it was mighty cold your way, we almost had sleet, freezing wind, and I was inside almost all day, apart from donning another 2 layers to go and get the mail. Keep warm. Love the way you have quilted the sunflowers, all beautiful.

  2. Hello Linda,

    Wow that is not the colours you think of when you say sunflowers, I love it. Great quilting.

    Happy days.

  3. Beautiful quilting! The square on point adds dimension - a wonderful touch.

    I'm curious. . . the sunflowers aren't quilted a bit - Sally's preference?

  4. What a fabulous quilt. Those sunflower appliqué blocks are beautiful and your quilting is so lovely, it sets off the quilt so well. Sally must be thrilled.

  5. Such lovely soft colours - and your quilting is fabulous, as usual!

  6. Oh wonderful quilting overall but the quilting around sunflowers is amazing!

  7. Awesome Linda! Looks fabulous.


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