Sunday, July 17, 2016

She's gone Country

Tracey attended a Midnight Madness with Taupo Quiltmakers. The Pattern they stitched was Scrappy Happy Houses by Bonnie Hunter. Tracey selected a country theme for her quilt. A colour theme which suits this quilt well.

…so Baptist fans for the houses. I think this looks very cute. A soft classic feather for the border.
To break up the plain border a bit I stitched corner stones.

a glimpse at the back art

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Tracey.Just because I can another peek.

While I was quilting Tracey’s quilt I was listening to a little country music. This song came on and seemed so right. Enjoy..

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Farmer’s Wife…

I think every quilter dreams of having the opportunity to quilt a The Farmer’s Wife  Sampler quilt. I was lucky enough to quilt one recently. One hundred and eleven different 6 inch blocks! This quilt is a challenge for the patch worker as well as the quilter.

The Farmers Wife Quilt

First I stitched in the ditch around all the blocks.Then I  stitched a cross through all the sashings and those tiny 1” corner stones. Every block then stitched differently to suit the patchwork.

The Farmers Wife Quilt

Next onto the curved crosshatching in the cream setting triangles.

Curved crosshatchng The Farmers Wife Quilt

Finally to suit the style of the quilt a nice classic feather in the border.

The Farmers Wife Quilt

I’m grateful to cross this quilt off my “must do” wish list and grateful to Lyn for sending her treasure to me to quilt.

Bye for now

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Good things take time….

………way back in August 2011 I rescued some quilting goodies from Trade Me. After a good period of time, in a dark place to mature the Blue and White Wedding Ring Star Blocks have come back into the spotlight. When I purchased the package there were twelve blocks and lots of spare fabric to finish a quilt.


The lady who put them up for sale said she was sick of making them. I’m not surprised. Each block has 48 pieces. Not a project for the faint hearted. When I bought the blocks back out I found I had lost a block. So I had a turn at completing a block. Fortunately she had included some unfinished pieces so one more block wasn’t too hard much of a challenge.

The pattern book (published in 1980) is very interesting to look at.

Blue and white quilt and book

Created in a pre computer, pre rotary cutting time. I love the charming story about her artistic assistant.

Blue and white one

I have never seen some of the blocks in this book. With the resurgence of interest in paper piecing I can see some of these blocks being made in modern bright colours.

Blue and white two

Blue and white three

blue and white four

blue and white five

This block I find particularly interesting as I can see that clever colour play could give an interesting effect.

blue and white six

If you are an English paper piecing fan and would like any of these patterns leave a message. I’m happy to scan and email a pattern to you.

Twelve blocks, not nearly enough to make a quilt,  so after much deliberation I have decided to make “connector” blocks. The block I have chosen is Pennsylvania.

blue and white with connector blocks

I think they look just right. The finished quilt will be four blocks by six. The next question is what  to make for a border? Do you have any bright ideas? I have lots of lighter blue fabrics left but sadly the white is nearly all gone. I think the white fabric is bleached calico. It has a lovely soft texture. I don’t know if you can still get that.

Thanks for popping by. Please share your ideas with me.


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