Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Wonderful Willing Workers

Since I last wrote about the lovely young people who come to help us we have had a few more visitors. Before Christmas two lovely young German girls, Katarina and Hannah joined us for a few days.

They gardened, washed and painted furniture and cleaned our windows.

Katarina washes, Simba keeps an eye on proceedings…


Hannah washes furniture down for painting.


Painting happens


Then Wylder returned to see us. The garden he started in October has grown so well.


Then we had the return of Romain our Frenchman. Last time Romain was here Hershey took a great liking to him. Same again this time. Here they are sharing some man chat and chilling.



At the same time as Romain was here we had Maria from Austria come and help us too. She gave Wylder’s wild garden a good tidy up.


In March we  enjoyed having Chris, Jan and Justin (from Germany) visiting with us. Gosh it’s amazing the amount of work three fit young men can get through! Gardening, tree clearing, house washed, gutters cleaned and out door furniture given a second coat of paint.  We feel as though we are all ready to face winter now!







Justin had to leave two days before Chris and Jan so Chris’s sister Natalie joined us. Once again Wylder’s garden received some care.


It’s great fun having these young people staying with us. We are so grateful for the work they do for us.




  1. how lucky are you having all these wonderful people coming to help in and out of the house it must be so interesting meeting meeting helpers from all over the world

  2. These young people must love working and staying at your home. Having all the yard work completed before winter is a blessing. It's good to "hear" a smile in your words again. Tell Peggy "Hello."

  3. Gosh, it's like the United Nations at your house! How lovely to spend time with so many young people and for them to do such great jobs for you both.

  4. What a great idea that is to have these amazing young ones come to get your garden spruced up. I wish we had WWoofers here in Canada. Your property looks lovely. Oh, and what wonderful quilting you always do.

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