Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Great New Zealand Quilt Show....

....has been on in Rotorua. Today I was lucky enough to visit. The show was staged by Aotearoa Quilters.

The exhibition was in a super venue and I have to say one of the best shows I have seen in New Zealand.  Here are a few quilts that I particularly liked:

Walled Garden (Ithink) made by Norma Slabbert. Gorgeous soft colour palette and the quilting just perfect.

Grecian Cats by Sonya Prchal. 

Floating by Shirley Sparks. Super quilting on this.

Tea Time by Kathleen Burford. 

Did you spot the teacups quilted into the border?

Roundabout by Rae Dudding 

This quilt which I regretfully didn't get details for won, I think, Best Machine quilting. 

It's a Bit Bright by Nancy Woodney. When Nancy showed this quilt to "the other half" his only comment was "it's a bit bright." Love it - couldn't be too bright for me.

Happy 69th Birthday by Maria Rohs. Maria's family and friends helped piece some of the blocks at her 60th Birthday party. Later she added more florals and machined quilted it. Some super thread painting on the big flower prints.

Fabulous Feathers by Carol Newsham. This quilt won my viewers choice vote. So crisply appliquéd ang amazing for such a big quilt these days, all hand quilted. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Aotearoa Quiters are planning to have another exhibition in two years at their same venue. I for one will certainly attend, don't miss it if you have a chance to attend. 



  1. If these photos are only a fragment of those on display, it clearly was an amazing show! Thank you for sharing. I love all of them but the cats and the tea cups are my favorites.

  2. some beauties here the cats really caught my eye and like the above the tea pots too

  3. Thanks for sharing, some real beauties, some lovely quilting!

  4. I attended a few company events here and I must say that I was impressed every time. The place was aesthetically pleasing with very good decorations and seats. The venue Houston TX had a great layout overall, and was at a comfortable temperature.


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