Monday, May 09, 2016

Sweet Peas

Last week Sweet Peas gathered at our house.

Rochelle has been busy making Baby quilts. Obviously Hershey though quilt two was just right for him.

It was our day for tracing templates for our next Bloom Quilt blocks. 

We’re all making great progress. It’s nice to see the different colour selections. 

Rochelle attended  Midnight Madness with Taupo Quiltmakers. The pattern for the evening was Bonnie Hunter’s “Happy Scrappy Houses” Rochelle is well on her way to completing a whole housing estate.

The previous week we had a sew along day. Our project for the day was the “Sew Together Bag”. A challenging little project. Here are the completed ones – still a couple to come:

These bags have been all over the internet but in case you haven’t seen them, when you open the main zipper there are three more zippered pockets inside. If you feel a mad keen desire to make one of these you can find the pattern on Craftsy. To help you along the way if you go to Quilt Barn you will find an excellent tutorial with heaps of photos. 

Thanks for popping by.



  1. I always like to see tilted house blocks, and are the appliqué blooms all done by hand?

  2. so many lovely things you have shared today, love black sahng it makes the quilt pop. Loving the blooms and the windy houses so appealing, off to see the tutorial for the pouches now and as for your cat well he is delighful and making himself very much at home on the quilt


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