Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Sundries.....

No job is too small for my buddy Bertha:

An easy way to quilt three small blocks. Lined up on a single piece of backing.

It's always good to have help on the sewing area. Hershey sitting plonk right on top of Peggy's lap top 
that she had set up for sewing instructions. 

We have had wonderful willing workers at our house again. No job too big or too small:

Maxime and Mylene from France. A lovely couple - who surpringly love Downton Abbey just as much as we do!

Gardens weeded, garage deep cleaned, windows washed, we're all set for winter now. 

A lovely touch of late autumn across the river from our house.

As I have said before, I am sure cats have an innate colour sense. Look at Hershey on this quilt top. I'm sure he knows these colour are so complimentry. Does he know his nose is pointing to "cat"? 

I think he does.



  1. Hope you enjoy snuggling down for winter knowing your jobs are all done.

  2. Before winter is as good as spring cleaning, the gardens and windows, pure bliss. Still wet down here, and off to finish Hugh's merino top and some secret sewing. And as for Hershey, he is a very astute lad.

  3. Love the photos of Hershey, especially the one on the laptop; perhaps, he is looking for the "mouse."

    How wonderful that your new workers have prepared everything for winter. Love the photo of all four of you.

  4. What is it about keyboards and computer screens that attracts cats!! The Taupo Autumn colour is just glorious - what a magnificent view you have there.

  5. good to see yu have more visitors that have helped both inside and outside.
    Hershey looks so at home on the quilt as well as the lap top


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