Monday, May 16, 2016

A border without....

A quilt. A long long time okay I quilted this for Terri: 

In the bag she brought the quilt top in there was a long strip of the border fabric. Terri said she was intending to make cushions or perhaps bed runners. I said if she left it with me I would quilt it. Well good things take time! 

Yesterday I loaded the long strip of fabric on Bertha. Not much wriggle room! 

I used Renae Hadadins "no mark" technique to create a feather spine.
Stitched a feather all the way along then went back and filled the open spaces each side with straight line fill. 

As I worked my way along it wasn't easy to see how this was working. 
.....but when it can off the frame....

Am I happy? Yes thank you!

The back looks very modern


Happy days, I love to quilt! 



  1. . . .and I love to see the things you quilt. You have an amazing talent, Linda!

  2. Lovely feathers Linda, they suit the fabric to a T.

  3. what beautiful fabric will make lovely cushions and the quilting looks lovely too

  4. Love the design and you have quilted the feathers beautifully. Thanks for the close up shots that really sow the quilting.

  5. Great use of border fabric, I think we all have some of that stashed! You did a magic job of the quilting, you created some yummy textures. I like to use Renae's no mark method as well.


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