Monday, March 14, 2016

Jaxon’s Digger Digger Quilt

Debbie’s Grandson Jaxon is crazy about big machines. This may have something to do with his Father’s occupation. Jaxon has just moved into his big boys bed. So a Caterpillar tractor panel plus some extra fabric turned into this.

Jaxon's quilt 1

Jaxon’s Mother has close connections with the Fire Brigade so this was a great choice for the back:

Jaxon's quilt back

Jaxon’s first look at his quilt:

Jaxon and his quilt

Jaxon and his quilt on his big boy bed

I think that’s a happy boy face. I can hear him saying “Digger, digger, digger”.



  1. He certainly looks happy with his quilt and it seems to be a good size, sure this will be treasured for years to come!

  2. what a wonderful quilt for a digger crazy youngster

  3. Hurray for Jaxon! He looks thrilled with his new quilt. Soon, he will be playing with his digger toys on this quilt - such fun.

  4. That's so cute - what a lovely little boy. And it's just the quilt for him, isn't it!!

  5. Awesome boy quilt and lovely quilting. Love the pics.


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