Saturday, March 05, 2016

Ashbourne Mill

…is a quilt designed by Australian quilt designer Katrina Hadjimichael. Do pop over to her blog and look at her Jane Austin quilts.

Chris started this quilt in a class with Katrina at the last Quilting Symposium in New Zealand. Luckily for me she entrusted it to my care for quilting. I wanted to complete most of the quilting in a traditional style but couldn’t resist a few pebbles.There are lots of elements to this quilt which needed their own special treatment.I estimate that it took a good forty hours to quilt. Remember I don't use stencils nor do I have a computer guided machine.

I actually remembered to take a before picture:

Chris quilt full

Onto the frame


The first thing I did was after tacking the entire quilt was stitch in the ditch around all major components.


Time consuming but I like to do this as it gives a much crisper finish to the quilt. SID – five hours gone.

Four borders and a different treatment for each one.


See those brown flying geese? They are all different sizes and angles. They were a challenge! In the end I decided to pull in the feather shapes from the Flying Geese border,


I love the shapes in this quilt. There is so much movement going on. The centre is particularly interesting:



As well as conquering the tricky piecing in the top Chris pieced a very interesting backing too:


Love to see some quilt back stitching loveliness:


Sadly I wasn’t able to hang the quilt for a final look but I think this view is pretty good.



Bye bye Ashbourne Mill it was a pleasure to quilt you.










  1. OMG 40 much did (or can) you charge for that?

  2. Wow!! The quilt is beautiful - loved the top to start with and love it even more with your fabulous treatment! I bet Chris is thrilled!

  3. It's gorgeous! I love all the custom quilting: it adds texture and more movement to the quilt. Well done.

  4. WOW!!! Love the quilt and LOVE the quilting!!! Absolutely gorgeous Linda, great design choices, well done!

  5. This is awesome Linda. Love how you have quilted this-the right treatment to lift it to another level. 40 hours-Wow!!

  6. what a beauty and your quilting is so complementary to the blocks not a lover of blue but this really works so well

  7. Wow your quilting is superb, it really does highlight the different colours and blocks. A fabulous quilt to get to play with.

  8. Wonderful quilting Linda, your imagination must run riot when you see these detailed quilts and think of all the designs open to you.

  9. Wow, I have only just seen this post! Absolutely stunning version of my Ashbourne Mill design. Love, love, love it! Regards, Katrina xx


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