Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday Sundries

Got to love the bright colours of summer. Debbie gave us this lily three years ago. This year it has been absolutely splendid.

From large to tiny, it's all happening in our garden.

These poppies look like they are made of crepe paper.

It wouldn't be summer if I didn't pop in a Bumble Bee.

Spotted in the lagoon on Waikato River this afternoon. (Mason this one's for you). 

Our new bank garden installed be our lovely WWOOFERS is looking well established already. 

Check out lovely Maria from Austria. Doesn't she make you think of Heidi in mountain meadows?

........and no Sunday blog would be complete without a picture of the fur babies.

Thanks for checking in. 



  1. such a lovely garden, Heidi one of my favourite books and indulged once again this Christmas watching the film on tv! Your fur babies look so relaxed and content stretched out on the bed

  2. Beautiful photos! Your flower garden is looking amazing and hasn't the new bark garden come along very quickly. Your fur babies obviously need some respite from the hot weather!

  3. poppies, little posy flowers and a gorgeous bank of colour. Down below, water to send some cool wafting up to you. Down here, still scorchers every day.

  4. Gorgeous photos. What a lovely garden you have.

  5. I bet your garden is even more beautiful to see in person. Love those poppies. Two very relaxed cats there. Have a fabulous week.

  6. Such a lot of loveliness! I used to have a large, similar lily in my backyard in our Hastings house before we sold it, and everything I see lilies now I kick myself that I never dug up the bulbs before we left. But our last day there was bucketing down with rain, and I didn't have appropriate footwear. So I decided I didn't fancy spending 4 hours back to Wellington soaking wet and muddy for them.
    You bank gives me hope that someday soon ours will be read to plant... Hopefully. We seems to have been in the construction phase for nearly 3 years. Today, every muscle in my body hurts yet again. But I know it will be worth it in the end.

  7. With your visits to my blog to deposit kind comments I thought I should pop over to visit you! Lovely quilting on your header. Love the photo of the person on horse back in Waikato river, that is something I used to do when I lived there as a teenager. Your furry babies look like they are feeling the heat!

  8. So good to see the cheerful flowers in your garden on this gray and cold winter day. You wall garden is fabulous!

    Love how relaxed your fur babies appear in the photo.

  9. Hello Linda,

    How lucky to have the WOOFERS helping you out, I bet you have some lovely conversations with them.

    Thanks for sharing your garden photo's.

    Happy days.


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